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A late night program on a dusty TV blips snippets of political campaign hooey. Its lone witness peels the remote from the couch and turns off the TV. He stands up, shakes his head, and stretches to see his wife.

"To think that you watch TV just to see the campaign ads," she says. "You know they're just glorified car commercials, right?"

"Pretty much," he replies with a dangle of his arm. "But it kind of gets me thinking."

"About what?"

He pauses. "What does it mean to be an adult?"

"You mean besides growing up, getting a job, settling down, raising a family, and realizing that contrary to popular belief, the world is neither all bright and kind nor all dark and cruel?"

"Yes: our maturity."



He slogs his way to the remote and blips the TV to life, wherein an episode of a controversial sitcom showcases a crowd of grown adults griping over a petty squabble.

"Now that I think of it," she muses, fingering her chin, "despite all the talk about 'being the grown up', adults are just children in bigger bodies."

"I know, right?" he concurs. "The same childish urges stick with us all our lives. They just manifest differently as we get older."
A young couple meets around an old TV set to discuss what separates children from adults.
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September 29, 2013
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